The KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre operates on behalf of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania under the management of the City of Sassnitz and WWF Germany.

Business world

„We bring nature‘s secrets to light“ – The KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre has developed a wide range of activities under this motto. We strive to reach an audience well beyond the boarders of the National Park. No matter when, no matter where - we have answers and up-to-date information.

Mission of the Centre

The KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre is an information service provider dedicated to the protection and maintenance of the regional character of Jasmund National Park. The Visitor‘s Centre emphasises the beauty of the region and informs the public about the unique wilderness of the National Park in diverse ways. The goal is to foster a lasting awareness of nature.

Jasmund National Park has over a million visitors every year – all of whom the KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre strives to inform, entertain and inspire.

Connecting to our audience

The corporate identity of the KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre speaks not only to the guests of the Visitor‘s Centre, but also to various stakeholders in media, tourism and nature conservation. Moreover, we use diverse channels to reach local citizens, operators of hotels, holiday apartments and restaurants, as well as German, European and international travel agents (especially for cruises), the daily press, as well as mass and specialist media.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

WWF Germany

City of Sassnitz

Visitor‘s Centre

Opening hours
Easter to 31 Oct  | 9 am - 7 pm
1 Nov to  Easter | 10 am – 5 pm

Children 6-14 years |  €4.50
Adults |  €9.50 
Families (2 adults + children) |  €20.00

Information and reservations

KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre
Sassnitz on Ruegen
  +49 (0)38392 6617 66

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