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Under „News“ we have summarized all recent happenings concerning the Visitor's Centre and Jasmund National Park with its Ancient Beech Forest UNESCO Heritage Site. The 'Events' section informs you about upcoming activities, events and special topics. In the National Park „Calendar“ we present interesting historical occurrences as well as descriptions of seasonal developments in nature. Under the heading „Warnings“ you can inform yourself about the risks associated with a visit to the National Park.

Visitor‘s Centre

Opening hours
Easter to 31 Oct  | 9 am - 7 pm
1 Nov to  Easter | 10 am – 5 pm

Children 6-14 years |  €4.50
Adults |  €9.50 
Families (2 adults + children) |  €20.00

Information and reservations

KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre
Sassnitz on Ruegen
  +49 (0)38392 6617 66

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