Whether you take home a small chunk of chalk in a gift box or a 1000-piece puzzle of a Caspar David Friedrich painting – we hope that the happy memories of your visit to Jasmund National Park and the UNESCO Heritage Site stay with you for many years to come

My insider tip

Everyone is talking about chalk,

yet the most beautiful and popular pieces in my shop are the polished flint pebbles. They are typical of the National Park and make unique and enduring souvenirs.

Kirsten Ruch, Head of Shop

Koenigsstuhl Editions

Every year thousands of visitors to the National Park search for that special something to take back home.

The staff of the KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre regularly develops new products together with regional partners.

„Wild Romantic“ and „Chalk“ are the result of this collaboration.

Kirsten Ruch
Head of Shop
Nationalpark-Zentrum KÖNIGSSTUHL
Stubbenkammer 2
18546 Sassnitz

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