Discover the National Park on foot. Specially trained staff are available for guided hikes.

Hello hiking friends from near and far,

The hikes in the Jasmund National Park enable you to experience nature directly. Pupils, young people and adults experience the uniqueness and beauty of nature with their own senses and become a part of the wilderness through the vivid and captivating presentation by the hiking guides. Small games and stories round off the journey through the Jasmund National Park. 

We offer fixed thematic focuses for our standard hiking packages. However, the content can also be adapted according to your wishes.

Our National Park Guides gladly take you along!

We know our national park like the back of our hand. We would be happy to take you on a hike and accompany you to the most beautiful spots on the chalk coast. We know the safe routes, the famous vantage points and can report a lot of exciting things about the landscape!

If you're already there.

During a short walk on the grounds of the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Center you will learn interesting facts about the centre, how it came about, the National Park with its special features and the chalk. Be cordially invited!

Stefanie Lemcke
Head of Environmental Education
KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre
Stubbenkammer 2
18546 Sassnitz

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