The KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre is an information service provider dedicated to the protection and maintenance of the regional character of Jasmund National Park. It operates on behalf of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania under the management of the City of Sassnitz and WWF Germany.

Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

WWF Germany

Town of Sassnitz

Guiding principle

Fascination Wilderness – We bring nature's secrets to light

The KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre with the affiliated UNESCO World Heritage Forum is the central contact point for all people who want to visit the Jasmund National Park, the World Natural Heritage Site Ancient Beech Forests and the chalk coast of Rügen with the Königsstuhl. We see ourselves as representatives of the island of Rügen, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Ancient Beech Forests and the Jasmund National Park.

Out of inner conviction, passion and love for nature, we offer guests from Germany and abroad as well as locals an informative and experience-oriented approach to the special habitats and its inhabitants in the Jasmund National Park. As a setting for romance and a place of longing for many generations, we are aware of the historical significance of this special place. Conveying its uniqueness is an obligation for us.

We are a service institution that conveys the uniqueness and beauty of nature to people at the highest level and makes processes of nature visible and understandable.

We are not primarily concerned with imparting biological knowledge. Rather, we want to share our enthusiasm for the national park idea and provide our guests with emotional and experiential access to hidden phenomena. In order to sensitise and enthuse our guests for the national park idea in the long term, the central contents of our work are the exhibitions in the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre and in the UNESCO World Heritage Forum, the personalised environmental education work and the personal approach to the guests by all staff members. We convey the contents and objectives in a stimulating, playful, exciting and interesting way.

We create (nature) atmosphere, experiential spaces, key experiences, sensory experiences, recreation and relaxation to make our guests feel at home and welcome in a special way. A visit to the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre should remain a good memory for our guests for a long time and be linked to the idea of the national park. In addition, we want to give our guests new impulses to motivate them to act in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way.

Our team's work is characterised by ...
  • a collegial, reliable and friendly cooperation as well as a particularly committed and competent external appearance.
  • a particularly polite, courteous and helpful approach to our guests, even in stressful situations.
  • close and trusting cooperation with our partners, first and foremost the WWF, the town of Sassnitz and the Western Pomerania National Park Authority. The partnership-based cooperation with the rangers and all other employees of the National Park Authority is of particular importance, because we know that together we represent the Jasmund National Park and shape its external image.
  • close coordination of our offers and statements with the national park administration, especially in environmental education and the presentation of activities, events and phenomena in the protected area.
  • practising sustainability in the selection of products and in what we offer our guests. In the sense of a sustainable lifestyle, we would like to show in an exemplary way how ecological, social and cultural competence can be combined. This is reflected in the selection of our products as well as in the construction and technology of our houses.