Whether you are an adventurer, researcher or romantic – our exhibit is tailor-made for you! You can visit our many aquariums, a real iceberg and the multi-vision cinema showing the UNESCO World Heritage film „ The Migration of the Ancient Beech Forests “ with Dirk Steffens.

Exhibition with audio guide

Discover the interactive exhibition "We bring nature's secrets to light"

The interactive exhibition „We bring nature‘s secrets to light“ is at the heart of the Visitor's Centre experience. On three storeys, visitors move through acoustically staged rooms and are playfully introduced to the secrets of the Cretaceous landscape. And the best thing is: every time traveller gets an audio guide and earphones – even the children! While the theme for the adult audio guide is „curiosity“, children are guided through the exhibition with amusing stories told by Mimi, the mouse and Krax, the raven.


Multi-vision cinema

The World Heritage Site Short Film - A special cinema experience over three screens, great surround sound and with English subtitles.

Dirk Steffens presents - The UNESCO World Heritage Film

The Migration of the Ancient Beech Forests

" I have never produced a film that is shown at the same time on four large screens in one room. This format offers great possibilities. It is ideal for making the spectacular Ancient Beech Forests visible. "

Dirk Steffens is one of Germany's best-known science journalists and nature filmmakers. Steffens is an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). He is also a biodiversity ambassador for German development policy.
Trailer: Die Wanderung der Alten Buchenwälder
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Launch the trailer for the short film here.

Over one million viewers since the film's premiere

On 25 June 2011, Germany's ancient beech forests were declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. 

This joyous occasion led to an extraordinary collaboration with one of the most prominent nature filmmakers on German television - Dirk Steffens - which resulted in a short documentary film about the UNESCO World Heritage Site with high-quality content and visuals.

In order to impressively stage the story of the Ancient Beech Forests, Steffens' film team did not skimp on elaborate filming techniques such as macro shots, time-lapse, special effects and thus created impressive images from extraordinarily exciting perspectives. A special challenge was to conceive an emotionally appealing nature film that is tailored to our unique round cinema architecture and visually as well as acoustically inspires the audience on three screens at once.

We and - more than one million visitors since the film's release on 25 June 2013 - think we have succeeded very impressively.