There are 3,808 national parks worldwide that have committed to the high internationally recognised "IUCN Category II" standard under international law. They are listed in the "List of Protected Areas of the United Nations". With 16 national parks, Germany is part of this global network for the protection of our planet's wilderness.

  How are the national parks located around the world? You can find the answers by moving your cursor to the orange dots on the map.

Dare to be wild
our human duty

National parks are protected landscapes in which nature is left to its own devices. Human intervention is prohibited, creating a safe haven for wild plants and animals. ...

America's best idea
inspired by Europe

On the1st of March, 1872, the world‘s first national park was established: Yellowstone National Park in the USA. Still today, there is talk of „America’s best idea“ in this context. ...

Spectacular nature
impressive diversity

Jasmund National Park is characterised by the spectacular chalk coast of Ruegen Island. Within the park, diverse natural habitats can found. Among the most notable habitats are ...

White chalk landscape
Photographic impressions

Poets, philosophers, painters and musicians have long been inspired by the bizarre beauty of the chalk coast. The white chalk cliffs and the open sea offer a fascinating spectacle that enchants ...