Whether on foot, by bike, by bus and train or by car - the Jasmund National Park with the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre and the UNESCO World Heritage Forum can be reached in various ways.

This is how you travel to the Jasmund National Park

The Jasmund National Park is located in the north-east of the island of Rügen.

It borders the harbour town of Sassnitz to the south and the municipality of Lohme to the east. The national park is a hiking area.

You can therefore only park in the neighbouring towns directly at the entrances to the protected area.

Buses run regularly from there to the Königsstuhl and the National Park Centre there.

The UNESCO World Heritage Forum hiking base near Sassnitz can only be reached "on foot" or by bicycle.

Further information on the different ways to get there is available below.

Arrival options

Arrival by Rail & Bus

First drive to Sassnitz railway station on the island of Rügen.

From there, bus line 23 of the Verkehrsgesellschaft Vorpommern Rügen (VVR) will take you directly to the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre (stop "Königsstuhl").

If you prefer to go to the UNESCO-Welterbeforum, simply get off a little earlier at the bus stop "Abzweig Welterbeforum" (formerly "Abzweig Waldhalle") and walk from here just under 2.1 km to the little forest house.

From the north of the island of Rügen, you can reach the National Park with bus line 14, which will take you to the Hagen car park. From there, the shuttle bus line 19 will take you directly to the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre.

Arrival by car

Passage for cars not allowed

For nature protection reasons, the passage to the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre (Stubbenkammer car park) is only permitted for coaches and VVR public transport. Please have understanding for this.

Wheelchair users with a blue parking sticker are excluded from this regulation.

Directly on the turning loop in front of the centre grounds, there are two designated parking areas for these.

Large car park in Hagen

About three kilometres from the Königsstuhl, you will find the large car park of Lohme in Hagen, for which a fee is to be paid.
From there you can either take the shuttle bus line 19 directly to the Königsstuhl or line 23 (also low-floor) runs directly to the Königsstuhl approximately every 15 minutes or use the well-maintained hiking trail (approx. 3 km).

Address for your navigation device:

Hagen car park
Stubbenkammerstr. 57
18551 Lohme OT Hagen
t. +49-38302-9412 or +49-38302-88855

Parking at the National Park in Sassnitz

At the end of Sassnitz you will find the "car park at the national park", for which a fee is charged.

You can also take a bus (line 23) of the VVR (bus stop "Abzweig Welterbeforum"/formerly "Abzweig Waldhalle") from there to the Königsstuhl.

From here, the UNESCO World Heritage Forum is also only a short hike away (approx. 2.1 km).

Address for your navigation device:

Car park at the National Park
Stubbenkammer Street
18546 Sassnitz
t. +49-38392-680

On foot in the National Park

Explore Jasmund's hiking and adventure trails

Germany's smallest national park offers wonderful hiking trails with the most impressive views in the whole country. 

Our recommendation:

You can walk from Sassnitz to the Königsstuhl on the award-winning Hochuferwanderweg (high coast hiking trail) (approx. 8 km). You should plan about 3 hours for this - depending on your fitness. You will be rewarded with magnificent views of the chalk coast. However, the path is not barrier-free. In any case, please wear sturdy shoes and observe the National Park's rules of the trail.

On this trail you will also pass the UNESCO World Heritage Forum UNESCOWorld Heritage Forum. Here you can take a break after a third of the way and find out more about the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the free exhibition.

From Lohme, the Hochuferwanderweg also leads to the Königsstuhl (approx. 4 km). Hike through the beautiful beech forest and along the legendary Hertha Lake. You will also pass by here if you use the well-developed and barrier-free hiking trail from the Hagen large car park (approx. 3 km). Plan on about 45 minutes for this.

Cycling in the National Park

Cycle route to the KÖNIGSSTUHL

A gravelled cycle path across the beautiful national park has been available since 2019. Use this to cycle directly from Sassnitz via the Hagen car park to the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre (approx. 12 km).

You can also get to the UNESCO World Heritage Forum UNESCO World Heritage Forum by bike. Follow the route from the Sassnitz "Parkplatz am Nationalpark".

Please note that these are the only permitted routes for cyclists in the National Park. All other routes are reserved for hikers only. This is especially true of the heavily used Hochuferweg (high coast path) along the chalk coast.