Directly at the famous chalk cliff Koenigsstuhl on Rugen the KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Centre offers its guests a special nature experience. In the National Park Centre an entertaining and informative day is guaranteed - no matter what the weather is like!

Visitor‘s centre

KOENIGSSTUHL National Park Centre

Humans have long been drawn to the Koenigsstuhl (King‘s Chair). The majestic chalk cliff plays an important role in the local mythology. Today visitors from all over the world are fascinated by this very special place along the chalk coast of Ruegen.

National Park

Jasmund - Wild Forest by the Sea

In 1872 the world‘s first national park was established:
Yellowstone National Park in the USA.

To this date, all national parks pursue a common goal: to leave nature to its own devices.

World Heritage

Beech Forests - Europe's Wildernes

The post-glacial expansion of beech forests in Europe and their ecological dominance represent a unique ecological phenomenon.

For this reason, UNESCO has placed this forest type on its World Heritage list.

Projects, topics, extras

Here we present our outpost "World Heritage Forum", our project "Königsweg platform", our children's education site with Mimi and Krax, US as "Branch of the registry office Sassnitz" and last but not least US as "Original scene of Romantic era" in more detail. Be curious and take a look.